From Gamers, For Gamers

Full Service Games Marketing

Consulting & Marketing Strategy

  • Consultation for the best marketing strategy fitting the individual needs of your pay-to-play and free-to-play games
  • Ensure your marketing investments are generating highest returns and reinforce the brand positioning
  • Take advantage of our dedicated gaming and marketing experience to select the most efficient products


  • Understand the latest trends in digital marketing and how you can leverage them
  • Learn which marketing strategy supports your distribution requirements best
  • Align your game distribution with your marketing tactics

Media Planning

  • Detailed media planning services spanning the full spectrum of digital brand and perfomance advertising
  • Maximize the impact of your budget for any pre-launch or launch campaign


  • Customized media planning for your free-to-play or pay-to-play release
  • All digital marketing channels plus TV advertising
  • Highly customizable channel selection to reach your exact target audience
  • Media planning services are free of charge

Dedicated Account Management

  • Individual and professional customer service by dedicated account managers
  • Proactive communication and optimization of your campaigns


  • Dedicated and experienced account management
  • In-depth marketing and gaming knowledge
  • Effective introduction and choice of marketing products fitting to your campaign

Creative Services

  • Efficient “real media” implementation
  • Creation of custom visuals with our in-house design team


  • Individual IAB banner sets
  • Custom landing pages and banner ads with constant optimization
  • Creative video ads

Proprietary CLV Optimization

  • Achieve profitable allocation and growth of your marketing efforts
  • Proprietary in-house Customer Lifetime Value optimization


  • Automatic optimization ensuring efficient budget allocation based on your KPIs
  • Focus on active and monetizing players
  • Boost your campaign with our Customer Lifetime Value optimization algorithm

Brand Safety

  • Ensured brand safe environment based on the specific criteria of your own brand
  • Get the best performance for your campaigns


  • Brand safe programmatic and direct products
  • Advanced in-house monitoring of all traffic sources
  • Dedicated ad placements that fit to your brand’s DNA and requirements

Fraud Detection

  • Strong proprietary fraud prevention and detection tools
  • Ensure profitability and efficiency of your campaigns


  • Qualified and dedicated fraud prevention department
  • Automatic monitoring algorithm to prevent bots and other fraudulent activities
  • Fraud prevention based on constant data mining and long term experience in the gaming industry